Irish Open 2012

The Irish Open 2012 was the first ever Irish Rubik’s Cube Competition. It was held in Tuam, Galway on the west of Ireland. Thom Barlow won the competition with an average of 11.26 in the final, Joey Gouly placed second with a time of 12.30, and Daniel Sheppard placed 3rd with an average of 12.48.

There were many Irish National Records broken at this competition. Blake Bowers was the most successful Irish Competitor breaking 14 Irish National Records! These include 4×4 single & average, 5×5 single, OH single and average, pyraminx single & average, Clock single, 6×6 single & average and 7×7 single & average.

Kelsey McKenna broke 7 National Records. He broke the 3×3 single twice, the 3×3 average twice, 5×5 average, and Blindfolded single & average.

James Hamm broke the Fewest moves National record with a move count of 40 and the Megaminx National Record average, and David Hamilton broke the Megaminx National Record average.

There was a World Record at this competition with Daniel Sheppard solving a 4×4 Cube Blindfolded in 3:17.41! He also broke the 3×3 Multi Blind UK National Record with 19/21 cubes solved in 54:40!

All of the results can be found here:



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