Irish Rubik’s Cube Championship 2016

The Irish Rubik’s Cube Championships 2016 was the follow up to the first championships in the previous year. It was held in the same venue but with over double the amount  of competitors! Ciarán Beahan retained the title of Irish Champion with an average of 8.84 in the finals. Tao Yu placed second with an average of 9.56 and Evan Liu placed 3rd with an average of 10.99.

There were again many success stories from this years championships

Ciarán Beahan broke the 3×3 single Irish National Record with a time of 6.99, breaking the sub 7 barrier!

Tao Yu again broke the 3×3 Blindfolded National Record with an amazing time of 32.20 and getting him to top 50 in the world!

Jesse Tipton broke the Skewb African Record average with a time of 5.04! This was the only Continental Record of the competition!

All the results from the competition can be found here:


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